Market and opinion research


Dr. Werner Holzweißig
General manager of Marfos GmbH



Marfos is a market and opinion research institute independent of any outside organisation and one which has specialised in sample implementation and data collection right across the board.

Studios in centres of population

Our studios in Hamburg, Bochum and Munich and those of affiliated agencies in Berlin, Leipzig, Erfurt, Nuremberg, Frankfurt a.M., Stuttgart, Dusseldorf and Cologne enable us to provide you with coverage the length and breadth of Germany. We monitor and interview your target group wherever you require..

Qualified personnel

Our studio managers are seasoned market and opinion researchers with long years of experience behind them. They know exactly how to implement the relevant draw procedure and survey methods, drawing on a pool of roughly 120 experienced recruiters and interviewers. We have, of course, carefully selected our personnel, providing them with the training to suit the specific requirements of each assignment. This puts at our fingertips the essential know-how that determines the quality of their data-acquisition activities and the validity of the results.

The full range of common methods and testing procedures

We implement whichever methods you chose: face-to-face interviews using paper & pencil or CAPI/WAPI questionnaires, telephone surveys, individual explorations, group discussions, workshops, car clinics, POS interviews. We bring in all the standard techniques such as tests for advertising media, packaging, products and copy. We have streamlined and perfected the sample techniques. For the implementation of biometric testing procedures we offer special experiences (eye tracking, facial coding, electroencephalography, skin conductivity measurement, etc.). In the shortest time possible, we provide you with valid results you can rely on.